Mr and Mrs game
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Upon arrival, our hunky butlers change into a bottom-revealing apron, collar, cuffs and bowtie however they can wear trousers or boxers under the apron if more appropriate for your event.

Last minute bookings can be catered for but we recommend booking at least two weeks in advance to prevent disappointment. If you would like a quote then please complete the form on our quote page and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

mr and mrs game

The Mr and Mrs quiz is one of the most popular games at our customers' hen parties so we thought we should give you lovely hen party organisers a few pointers on how it all works! (because we're nice like that). The bride-to-be is presented with a series of interesting questions, previously answered by the groom-to-be and it's now her job to guess what his answers were. Every incorrect answer results in a forfeit (usually in the form of shots or dares) and whenever a correct answer given she has the power to nominate one or more of her fellow hens to take the forfeit instead. Be warned.. Revenge is sweet!

If you'd like to add more of a personal touch you can video the groom-to-be answering the questions so everyone can watch it back on the hen night which often results in plenty of giggles. Another idea would be to have one of our fantastic buff butlers host the game and administer the forfeits/read out the questions. (we cover over 90% of the UK!) You can make up all your own questions if you like but I have attached some example questions below to give you a starting point/some ideas. We wish you all the best with your party planning and hope you have a fab hen party, whether you hire one of our hunky butlers or not!