Butlers to Businesses - Redefining B2B
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Butler Bookings is a leading supplier of buff butlers for events all over the United Kingdom. We can accommodate groups of all sizes and all types of venues; anything from apartments and hotel rooms to bars and restaurants.

Upon arrival, our hunky butlers change into a bottom-revealing apron, collar, cuffs and bowtie however they can wear trousers or boxers under the apron if more appropriate for your event.

Last minute bookings can be catered for but we recommend booking at least two weeks in advance to prevent disappointment. If you would like a quote then please complete the form on our quote page and we will be in touch as soon as possible.


Butlers to Businesses - Redefining B2B

Finding a niche in a competitive market can mean the difference between building a successful business with a loyal customer base and failing to gain the market share required to maintain long term prospects and profitability. It’s not enough to get all the basics right, businesses need something remarkable in their tool belt if they’re going to be perceived by the target audience as anything more than another ordinary company.

Ordinary doesn’t get mentioned in the press, ordinary doesn’t get 1k likes on Facebook, ordinary is exactly that…ordinary.

What is it about your favourite restaurant that makes it so? Chances are it’s something that you can only find there: an extraordinary dish, an unorthodox serving style or even the fact that you had a unique experience there that brings up a lot of good memories.

Creating a unique selling point means giving customers a compelling reason to choose you, and not your competitor.

Word of Mouth - Your Tool for Turning ‘Remarkable’ into Revenue

Buzzwords amongst those conducting business together sound fantastic in reports or in the boardroom, but having a great idea and executing it in reality for commercial benefit are two different things entirely. Ideas need to be practical, fresh, and add value to the business whilst delivering a positive return on investment.

The idea of hiring a ‘buff butler’ for entertainment purposes is surprisingly flexible. Not only does the presence of a butler with impressive abs and bulging biceps create a fun and lively atmosphere, it opens up many avenues of exposure for public facing businesses. From word of mouth mentions by customers to their friends through to social media exposure when half the room share their selfies on Facebook. It isn’t a huge leap from this point to develop specific promotional techniques that take advantage of this fact.

A routine appearance by a butler can be great for promoting known low-revenue periods such as filling up tables on quiet evenings in a restaurant. The attractive and striking images on promotional materials will also have an impact on how noticeable a business is.

Not Just a Pretty Face

Unlike other forms of entertainment, a buff butler is an active pair of hands. Above and beyond their presence, they’re able to lead other complementary forms of entertainment from serving refreshments through to running small games amongst guests.

A buff butler brings not only a memorable presence aesthetically, but also practically.